Before 17:00, October 17

All exhibitors should submit the catalog information online
Before 17:00, October 27

Special decoration enterprises can submit booth special decoration construction plans online for free, and the organizing committee will validate and gives feedback to the enterprise. (Late submission will be charged according to the area)

Before 17:00, Oct. 28 - Nov. 2

Submit the exhibition pass information online. Each standard booth (equivalent to 9 square meters) can apply for 3 exhibition passes free of charge.

08:30-17:00, Nov. 5 - 9

Issue engineering badges

Location: Hall 5 Lobby

08:30-17:00, Nov. 7

Special decoration enterprises move in.

08:30-17:00, Nov. 5-7

Issue exhibition badges

Location: Hall 5 Lobby

08:30-17:00, Nov. 8
Standard booth enterprises move in.
17:00, Nov. 9
Complete the set-up, and the exhibition halls close.
09:00, Nov. 10Opening ceremony of the 2022 China International Consumer Electronics Expo
09:30-17:00, Nov.10 - 12

Exhibition and Trade Events:

Exhibition opening time:

Exhibitor: 08:30 -17:00

Visitor: 09:30- 16:30

17:00, Nov. 12
End of the exhibition, Move-Out

17:00 - 24:00, Nov. 12


Name and Address:

Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center

No. 9, Miaoling Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao

Note: The above information is subject to the final release of the organizing committee.