Exhibitor Badges

Badge Application

Ø Classification of Badges  

1. Exhibition Badge

1) Exhibitor's Badge: used by exhibitors;

2) Engineering Badge: used by exhibitors’ personnel or booth engineering workers;

3) Blue Pass: used on vehicles for exhibitors to enter QICC area;

Ø Application for Badges

1. How to Apply for Exhibitor Badges:

1) Exhibitors’ Badge

Exhibitors can show the Exhibitor ID Number and print the Exhibitor Badge by Auto-Printor Machine at Exhibitor Registration Office. Each standard booth (9㎡) exhibitor can apply  3 complimentary badges and charged  RMB 100 for each additional badge.  

All badges can only be uesd by yourself.

2) Engineering Badge

The Exhibitors or construction units can hold the enterprise introduction letters, the receipt of the payment for booths and name list of construction workers to apply the engineering badges. Each worker must hold the badge when enter QICC.

3) Blue Pass

Exhibitor can apply the blue pass by taking the receipt payment for booth. Each booth can apply one badge.

Ø Badge Application Time

The specific application time is to be determined.

Ø Registration Hall

Badge Office: Hall #5, QICC

Visiting hours:

Ø Visiting Hour

1. Exhibition Period:  Sept. 24th-26th , 2021, 3 days Exhibition

2. Show Hour:  

      Exhibitors   08:30-17:00Sept. 24th-25th

                  08:30-16:00Sept. 26th

Visitors       09:30-16:30Sept. 24th

                  09:00-16:30Sept. 25th

                  09:00-14:00Sept. 26th

Any questions, please feel free to contact the Organizing Committee:

Contact: Junquan Lu  Tel: 0532-82995779    E-mail: 13969667108@163.com